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Whether it is the invention of a pair of scissors, the Archimedes Screw, or a computer, technology upgrades the lifestyle of the people who use it. Early humans used stone tools 2.5 million years ago to hunt and cut food. Today, the most evident sign that technology has changed the world is the Internet. The ability to access news and information and communicate with people all over the world is in the hands of millions and will spread to millions more in the next five years.

The healthcare industry has advanced to the point that diseases are being diagnosed earlier allowing for cures that were not thought possible just a decade ago. Patient data is stored securely while giving doctors easy access and symptoms are automatically compared to the latest treatments and medications. Healthcare services provide faster and more efficient help in hospitals and clinics with the latest equipment allowing physicians to make more efficient use of their valuable time. People have smartphones such as the electric blue galaxy s5 that have mobile phone features for tracking heart rate and hours of exercise as well as for computing caloric intake.

Children take to computers and all that goes with them like the proverbial duck to water. How can we expect them to stare at a black and white page and get attracted to any academic subject? There are huge advancements in the classroom such as video and online games that teach concepts in physics as well as games that teach political, social and religious systems. Some games teach problem solving, conflict resolution and community building. A good teacher can guide his or her students to make good use of educational software and the electronic games that children play anyway.

The office was once in line for going paperless, but today it is light-years ahead of that. There are mobile apps that allow business managers and owners to lead a company. Right from the palm of your hand you can manage employees, oversee projects, watch budgets, prioritize emails, electronically sign documents and market on social media to name a few of the possibilities.

The latest tools in the manufacturing industry magnify the effort of individual workers and allow them to turn raw materials into affordable, quality products that today’s society expects. From, your smartphone to an MRI scanner and from your car to your baby’s pacifier, the latest technology has contributed to faster and better manufacturing. It contributes to efficient transportation, innovative medical procedures, space exploration and the food you eat.

Today, you can control the temperature inside your house with your smartphone. You can set up a security system that will show you who is knocking at your front door while you are across the country, and you can heat your water with sunlight. These are just a few of the latest devices available, but your home has been high-tech for years with a dishwasher, hot water heater, indirect lighting, coffee maker and home-made bread machine to name a few.

Technological up-grades improved human life long before the invention of the wheel sometime around 4,000 BC. This is one thing that makes humans so special. In the field of electronics alone, advancements create obsolescence in a matter of months.